How to listen Ghazalradio

There are many ways to listen Ghazal Radio. Here is short guide.
1. WoldwideWeb
you can any flash based browser to listen to ghazalradio . go to and click play
2. PC/MAC/Linux
any of default media player will be able to play ghazalradio. just open an stream and enter following URL
Tested on Windows Media Player, iTunes, VLC player
3. iPhone/Android
You can listen to ghazalradio on iPhone without installing any app
just open Safari on iphone and enter and enjoy live ghazalradio
On Android i would like to recommend VLC player, its free. Open VLC player and click open network stream and enter

    • Subhash Mohanti
    • Dec 6th. 2012 1:29pm

    Want to listen to ghazals of Jagjit Singh

    • Faraz
    • Dec 16th. 2012 1:45pm

    Dear Admin,
    Your efforts for this website are highly appreciated,but one thing i am noting that you are not playing Indian Ghazal.There are also Ghazal Guru in India like Late Jagjit Singh,Chandan Das,Anup Jalota,Chitra Singh,Bhupindar Singh,Mitali Singh.Please play ghazal of these Ghazal Singers especially King Of Ghazal Jagjit Singh.Do not involve Ghazal in the war of boundries,As Indain Ghazal Singers also sang Kalam of old classical urdu Poets like Mirza Ghalib,Mir etc.


      • admin
      • Dec 31st. 2012 4:54pm

      Thanks for appreciating Faraz! my radio does play Jagjit Singh, Chitra, Anup Jalota, Hari Haran and others as well..i wonder why you didn’t notice

    • hadee essa
    • Dec 24th. 2012 11:42pm


    gazal website enjoy listening .


  1. Finest music and well presented

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